Monday, September 22, 2014


"The Skeleton Twins" stars Bill Hader, Kristen Wig, Luke Wilson and Ty Burell. Its an independent film that managed to be number one at the Sundance Film Festival. When I saw the trailer, I was interested but could not figure out the plot.  I'm sure glad that I went and saw the film.  It had some great performances, and I managed to understand the plot!!!! My review follows

"The Skeleton Twins" is about how two twins, one a gay unemployed man named Milo ( Played by Bill Hader) and a Dentist (played by Kristen Wig) think that they have no purpose in life. However, slowly realize they do and that they need each other. Now I only have one complaint. And its a BIG ONE. The movie is super depressing!!!!!! It talks about how these twins try to constantly kill themselves. They fight, get along, fight, than try to kill themselves. The performances, directing, and editing are all fine here. Its just that when I went in I thought it was going to be happy film, AND IT IS NOT. But I did enjoy the film because of the acting and directing, just know its not a happy story.  If you are already depressed, please do not watch this film.

"The Skeleton Twins" may be super depressing, but it has excellent performances and great directing. The Skeleton Twins gets a B+.

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