Sunday, April 5, 2015


"Run All Night," stars Liam Nesson, Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, and Common. And it's not the film you think it is. Imagine if "Road to Perdition," and "The Godfather," had a sequel. It would be this. I wasn't initially too excited about it, but I had a bad experience watching "Chappie," and I needed to cleanse myself of the colossal disappointment and see Liam Neeson kick a little butt. Here's the story.

Run All Night is about how an hit man and mobster named Jimmy Conolon( Neeson) has to protect his son Michael ( Kinniman.) Conolon is forced to run all night with Michael due to killing his best friend Sean Maguire's son(Maguire is played by Ed Harris) Maguire is so angry he swears to kill Neesons son, and thus, they go on the run.

First let me say, this film is so much fun! The acting by the leads is terrific, and the action moves a long at a good pace. The problem is there might be too many stories to keep straight. There are cameos that don't work, and the addition of Common doesn't do anything for it. He is playing a caricature of an African American hit man, and it doesn't really work.  But other then that, it was very entertaining and fun.

Run All Night may be generic at times, but its got a great story and good action. I give Run All Night a B+.

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