Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Ladies and gentleman, I have lost one of my heroes, A man whose films I grew up watching, a man who always made me laugh. I am heartbroken.  He was that rare comedic actor that balanced his career between comedy and drama. And did both equally well.
 Robin was that guy who brightened the room up. He made everyone laugh. He knew what he was meant for, who he was supossed to be, and yet he never stopped pushing himself to try new things. And how many people know who they are and can and do use their gifts as such a force for good?

My favorite film of his will always be Good Will Hunting. He gives such a great and yet simple  performance.  He was a lesson to every actor in how restraint can reveal so much about a character.

My favorite comedy and second favorite film of his is will always  be Aladdin.  The way he floats from voice to voice, joke to joke, with crazy god like effort. It was so amazing. He is without a doubt,  the best part of that film.  I will always miss Mr. Williams. Thank you sir for everything you gave us. You will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace.

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