Sunday, June 28, 2015


 That's right ladies and gents, the dinosaurs are back!  I loved the first Jurassic Park. Its one of my favorite films, and one of Steven Spielberg's best. Now I was very interested and excited to here this is a sequel. It ignores 2 and 3 ( thank god, cause those sucked) and its got a bran new cast. And don't you worry Spielberg produced this baby. But how is the film? Here's the story.

"Jurassic World," takes place 22 years after the events of the first movie. John Hammond's dream has come true, as his island has become a full on giant theme park. However even though its got dinosaurs, people are not as in awe as they should be. Enter Bryce Dallas Howard's " Claire," a scientist/administrator who helps the park create a genetically modified Dinosaur. Kind of a "SUPERSaurus," if you will. And as you can imagine, as dangerous as it is, it escapes and creates all sorts of destruction. Enter Owen, a Navy Seal played by Chris Pratt, who is helping the government out by seeing how far they can train the dinosaurs. What Pratt knows more than anything else, is that for the most part, you can't train them. They will always be at heart,  predators.  That doesn't stop Vincent D'onofrio's bad guy government agent. Lets just say... he's a massive Dbag. There is a side story about Claire's nephews coming to visit, and it is by far the weakest part of the story. The real action... the best parts involve Pratt and Howard and their quest to get the problem contained.

 I have some good news. "Jurassic world," is a good sequel. Its what parts 2 and 3 should have been. Its a fun ride. Not as good as the first one, still a solid film that kept me entertained. Some of the characters are a cliched mess, and that slows things down a little. The kid actors who play Claire's nephews, are not that great. One thing Spielberg is good at is finding terrific kids to fill these roles, and these two are just so bland. They don't have the charisma to keep me caring about what happens to them. Howard starts off as kind of a boring admin lady, but ends up kicking it into high gear, and by the end is terrific.   The real winner here is Pratt who has shown that he is going to be getting more and more starring work now, cause he really commands the screen.The action is superb, and you really don't mind the CGI dinosaurs. All in all, this was an 
 fun popcorn movie. 

" Jurassic World," has a few bumps, but for the most part is completely entertaining. I give it a solid B+

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