Thursday, December 24, 2015


The Big Short is a movie I knew nothing about, I mean come on, what do I know about mortgages? All I knew was that it stars some of my favorite actors, including Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Steve Carrell, and is directed by Adam McKay, of "Anchorman" fame. And while I enjoyed that, I worried he couldn't handle a movie where so much of it would be about math, and pther stuff that people dont understand. All of this film is based on what really happened to the american Economy during the housing bubble crisis, and some of the men who saw it coming, tried to warn the government, and when they weren't lsitened too, bet against America, making millions when the market crashed.  Its all detailed in Michael Lewis's book, "The Big Short." He also wrote "The Blind Side," and " Moneyball."

                        The trueness of this story is what makes this interesting. This destruction of our economy due to peoples greed and the fraudulant actions of some hit many people hard. What makes this film interesting is how hard these men tried to stop it, and how not listening to them, put American in a spiral for quite a few years economically.

 I can say I really enjoyed this film. With a plot that could have been quite boring, it was actually incredibly entertaining. With Goslings narration, sometimes he would break down explanations by giving the watcher someone to explain it in the easiest terms possible. " Now to explain Morgage Backed Securities is Anthony Bordain!" And as he chopped up fish, Bordain explains in simple terms what the heck is going on. Its a catchy device that works for people like me who know nothing about it.  This we can credit to McKay who lets the audience know they aren't as dumb about this as they think. That coupled with the acting,  makes it a movie worth watching.
My only complaint, is of course, regardless of the moments of explanation, there were still confusing things in it. But, perhaps thats good too. That we are all made to think a little more about it all.

                                                                    THE VERDICT
              "The Big Short," may be a little intimidating to take on, but with its excellent performances, hilarious scenes, and a great direction it comes out as an excellent movie. I give The Big Short an A-.

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