Sunday, February 14, 2016


Deadpool!!!!!!! An anti hero comic book character I love.  I could not wait for this movie. The first R rated comic book movie I've seen in theaters! With a good cast and decent story is it great? Is it better than "X:Men Wolverine Orgins"? Well first I gotta tell you the story! 

"Deadpool," is about how a mercenary named Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is given a second chance by volunteering to be transformed into a mutant with special abilities.  The process deforms his face, and makes him resentful, and he loses his girlfriend in the process. His new mission becomes getting the guy who destroyed his life and stole his girl. The cast includes Ryan Reynolds, TJ Miller, and Ed Skrien. Miller especially gives a comedic turn. They need to use him more cause he understands how to play off a straight man very well. 

This was an entertaining ride from start to finish.  I was invested in all the characters with a first rate hysterical script, and great action and direction. Reynolds has totally made up for his first turn as this character in WOLVERINE ORGINS. 

Overall, its a terrific film and as an R rated comic book film, its everything you could want. I give it an A+

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