Monday, February 22, 2016


"Eddie The Eagle!" One of my most anticipated films of the new year! Its got a good cast and great story possibilities. "How is it," you ask? Well let me tell you!

"Eddie the Eagle" tells the story of real life ski jumper Michael "Eddie" Edwards,  who made a name for himself in the Calgary Winter Olympics. It starts out with Eddie having issues with his knees as a child, and as a result, he spends much of his youth in a brace. Once he is freed from it, he longs to be an athlete and go to the Olympics, but  he shows little aptitude for it. He finally figures out that winter sports is where he can shine and becomes a down hill skier. Then when he finds out that the British Olympic team has no ski jumpers. He decides that's the sport for him. Along his practices he meets a man named Bronson Piery, an ex champion jumper,  who agrees to help him learn how to properly train to be a ski jumper.
I love this film! With its good small cast, ( Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman and 2 cameos I don't want to give away) it is funny, heartwarming, and entertaining. My only complaint is the villains are  sort of cliche villains. Big emotions spout out of them like they are in a cartoon. But other then that, its terrific. One of them, who is the head of the Olympic committee, looks as though at any moment, he might twirl his fake mustache. 

                                                           THE VERDICT
 "Eddie the Eagle" Is heart warming and entertaining. I put it in the top films I have seen so far this year. Well worth the trip, and a movie for the whole family! I give it an A -

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