Tuesday, June 7, 2016


"The Nice Guys," was a movie I was really looking forward too. Mostly cause the trailer was terrific, and super funny. So did it live up to its hype?

"The Nice Guys," tells the story of two private investigators, played by Gosling and Crowe, hired to find the daughter of a high up U.S. Attorney. Over the coarse of the search, they encounter blue skinned assassins, porn stars, and crazy film makers, all the while learning that what each detective brings to the table can help the other in their quest.  Directed skillfully by Shane Black,  its cast also includes Matt Bomer, as a crazy assassin, (And by the way someone needs to give him a part in the "Justice League," franchise cause the man is an action star!) and  introducing Angourie Rice, as Goslings daughter, who in her need to keep her father going, also helps keep Crowe from completely becoming a heartless thug.  The film is pretty great. The best part is the chemistry between Crowe and Gosling. They are served well by a pretty good script, and Blacks direction for the most part keeps the action going in great directions. He cast it well for the most part. The exception being Kim Basinger as the attorney and Margaret Qualley as her near do well absent daughter. They just rang false and each time Basinger was on the screen I kept secretly comparing her to the character she played in "L.A. Confidential." There were a few parts that while serving the story were in need of a speed pick up, but other then that, it was a fun ride.

                                                                     THE VERDICT
"The Nice Guys," has some faults, but the chemistry with Crowe and Gosling and the story overall saves it. I give "The Nice Guys," a solid B+.

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