Wednesday, July 6, 2016


"X-men: Apocalypse," Is finally here! I have been looking forward to another journey into the younger lives of the X-men, and after the first two, I have to admit, I had high expectations. Did the movie live up to the hype? Well.... for the most part.... Yes.

X-Men: Apocalypse takes place  in the 1980s and it is about how the very first mutant in the world comes back to life and  wants to destroy the world. So the X-Men have to stop him.  I like this movie but don't love it. The problems are : the movie is very slow in the beginning. Its 2 and half hours and it easily not only could have 20 min cut but  Some actors are wasted or over the top. Also Apocalypse as a character not Oscar Issacs performance but the way the  character is written is bad to me. Theres also a plot hole from the ending to the last movie that they don't address in this movie. And Rose Byrne really has no point to be in this movie. Lana Corder who plays the character of Jubilee easily could've taken her place. Jubilee was a good character and I would have loved to see more.   Jennifer Lawrence is just okay. She acts in some scenes, then talks bored in some. Now here are my pros. The cast that plays the young X-Men are all great! From Tye Sheridan to Sophie Turner to the rest of them. The action is very incredible and the story is interesting overall. Most of the original cast are all good as well. The new quicksilver scene is awesome, even better than the last one. Theres a cameo that I don't want to ruin thats so cool . Also the most stand out performance is Michael Fassbender, who plays the character of Magneto. He is conflicted and he shows it so greatly. Other than that

                                                                   THE VERDICT
X-MEN: Apocalypse might be the weakest out of the First Class trilogy, but its performances, and action keep you entertained. I give it a B.

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