Friday, April 11, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America!!!!

The captain is back! This time he faces a new enemy. He gets help in the form of Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson AKA "The Falcon"This time he fights the WINTER SOLIDER who seems to have every bad-ass move the Captain has, and more. He is a formidable Foe.  I really liked the first Captain America but this one was even better. Terrific action scenes, coupled with Robert Redford as a shady SHIELD exec who isn't all that he seems.  Of course, all of this gets tied together by Chris Evans as Captain America, a man who has watched all his friends and loved ones get old and die and wonders where he fits into this new world. It would be easy to say that in this MARVEL universe, that sequels haven't always lived up the their previous outings, but this one is different. It is definitely in my top three Marvel movies. 

After the battle of New York, Captain America  discovers that SHIELD isn't telling him everything. He comes to the realization that Black Widow ( played by the stunning Scarlett Johansson,  and the Falcon( Played by Anthony Mackie)  are the only ones he can trust. And throughout out the film, you see how difficult this journey has been for him: waking up years after WW2, not knowing how to adapt. It was so good, I even teared up a little in the end. We get a'lot of badass Bourne like scenes. Nick Fury( played by Samuel L Jackson) gets more development in the movie. 

The Verdict:
Captain america: The Winter Soldier is a fantastic superhero movie. I give Captain America: The Winter Soldier an A 

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