Thursday, June 12, 2014


Its sad when the best part of a comedy movie is in the trailer. This is no exception. A Million Ways To Die In The West stars Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Giovani Ribisi, Neil Patrick Harris, Amanda Seyfried, and Sarah Silverman.  Seth MacFarlane writes, directs, produces, and stars in this movie. This is his follow up to Ted, a film that I really enjoyed. lets get to the story

A Milllion Ways To Die In The West is about how a sheep farmer named Albert (MacFarlane)  who is such a coward to people that his girlfriend breaks up with him. Whats clear is she doesn't see whats the best thing about him, which is he just wants to survive in the west. Which proves to be a very scary place where people die from simple things. One day, in an act of bravery during a bar brawl, he saves the life of Anna, a woman with a past who moves to Alberts town under shady circumstances. To show her gratitude, she decides to give him lessons on how to be brave.  Albert thinks it will convince his ex girlfriend that Albert is who she belongs with. By this time however the girlfriend has moved on and become the girlfriend of the richest man in town. (Neil Patrick Harris.) Albert and Anna become good friends sharing their hopes and dreams.  Of course Anna has a major secret, and thats where most of the story gets good. Will Albert prove he can be brave when he needs too?
Now I really like this cast and I like the cameos, they're pretty cool. However most of the jokes are cringe worthy. Only a few are really good. Its clear what Macfarlane wanted to do, which is make a modern day story in an old west back ground doesn't always work. Its at its best when its NOT trying to be so funny.  I liked the premise, but because it's MacFarlane, I expected more.

At almost 2 hours, the movie is too long.  MacFarlane wrote a book to it first which I found very funny. And some of the best bits in it, did not appear in the movie.   The score and cinematography are rich and interesting, and while MacFarlane and Theron are good, the rest of the cast doesn't have a lot to do.

Overall A Million Ways To Die In The West isn' terrible, I just expected more. Its a rental, and not a buy.  I give A Million Ways to die in the west a C.

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