Thursday, June 12, 2014


Bryan Singers new movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past has hit in theaters, with  a star studied cast and a terrific ride of a story to tell.  The audience sees how the far the X-Men  has gone from X-Men to its prequel X-Men First Class.  In the movie, more often than not the X-men cast is playing their younger versions, which are the same actors from the prior movie , X-Men: First Class, the cast is spectacular, including actors such as Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan who are playing old friends/ rivals that must ban together to help save mutants and humans. Hugh Jackman who plays Wolverine is doomed to live forever, so he is chosen to embark on a dangerous journey to save the rest of the mutants. His journey in the past takes up the majority of the films plot. The film takes the audience on  awesome time traveling adventures, switching in- between present-time and the 1970s.

Characters from earlier movies in the series like Storm ( Halle Barry) and Kitty Pride ( Ellen Page) don't have a lot of time on screen, but they still contribute to the story. However, the movie really belongs to the younger versions of the characters, namely James MacAvoy playing a younger Professor X and Michael Fassbender's forever angry Magento. The audience travels with eh characters, getting a feel for the torture there separation from each other creates. One of the best scenes involves MacAvoy, and Stewart speaking to each other through time in an effort to convince the young Xavier he needs to be brave and help the cause despite how much it could hurt him. Even though Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, and Simon Kinberg's script stays within the X-Men world, it provides enough room to wiggle out of plot holes that were created in the prior movies. Bryan Singer, who also directed the first two installments of the X-Men franchise, is so familiar with the characters and the plot that the story stays smooth.  In Addition the action sequences and special effects are superb. When the X-Men use their powers to protect themselves, it is evident that their powers match their personality. The final battle sequence, when Magneto directs the mutant killing robots in a fight for the destruction of Washington D.C., is terrifically timed and just outright enjoyable to the eyes. I don't recommend the movie for anyone who hasn't seen the X-Men movies, because the stakes are high and the script relies heavily on backstory, but if you know you like this kind of thing run ( don't walk) to the theater. It is wicked fun


X-Men: Days Of Future Past not only is the best X-Men movie, it's one of the best comic book movies ever made. I give X-Men Days Of Future past an A.

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