Sunday, October 5, 2014


Denzel Washington has a set of skills, Oh wait thats Liam Neeson, and the wrong movie, but I kid, I kid! This just proves to you that we need a movie where its Denzel Washington verses Liam Neeson.

The Equalizer is directed by Antwon Fuqua ( "Training day," and "Olympus Has Fallen" ), and it stars Denzel Washington,  Marton Cosaks, Chloe Grace Moretz, Melisa Leo, and Bill Pullman. It loosely based off the eighties tv show starring Edward Woodward. Like with "Gone Girl," when I saw the trailer for this I got very excited, and kept saying, "this looks great, it could be the best action movie of the year." Now how do I feel? Well here's the story.

 Denzel Washington plays Bob Macall, a man with a past he would like to forget, but it keeps haunting him every day. Bob is just that ordinary man, that everyone likes. He works at a HOME DEPOT in Boston and keeps to himelf.  But when the Russian Mob sets events into motion that hurt his friend (Moretz) he is forced back into action.

I liked the movie.... I really did. But it is super ridiculous in some parts. Macall goes into a room filled with men half his age and with knifes and guns. He miraculously, takes down all of them, despite the fact he is clearly in his late 50's. I get he's playing a special ops marine, but it just seemed a little to much. There are a couple of scenes where Fuqua uses slow motion that made me audibly speak out because they were... predictable and cheesy.   The acting belongs to Washington and Martin Cosaks who plays Teddy the villain if the movie.

Really I guess since Washington  brings justice to Boston, he's like Batman. A mix between "Man On Fire," "Taxi Driver," And "Law & Order," I never was bored. The action is very good, and all the directing and editing is done very well. Its entertaining in most respects, but as I said, ridiculous in others. Think of it as a slighlty better Expendables.

The Equalizer may be cheesy at times, but its action is well done and the main peformances are terrific. I give The Equalizer a B+.

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