Sunday, October 5, 2014


"This Is Where I Leave You," stars.... wait for it...... Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Corey Stoll, Adam Driver,  Rose Bryne, Dax Shepard, and Timothy Olyphant. It's based off a very successful novel written by Jonathan Tropper. How is the movie you ask? This is my review.

"This Is Where I Leave You," is about the life of a man named Judd Altman (Bateman). His life is terrible: his wife cheats on him with his boss, played by Dax Shepherd, and as a result, he is newly unemployed. To top it off, his dad dies.  At his fathers funeral service, his mother (Fonda) says that his father's dying wish was for he and his siblings to sit Shiva for him. For those of you not jewish, Shiva is 7 days of mourning Jews go through when a loved one dies, a fact the Altman siblings immedietly tgry to get out of, by claiming they know jews who only mourn three days.  Judd, his two brothers, (Stoll and Driver,) and sister (Fey) begin their week of mourning with their mother in uncomfortable silence.  And over the course of seven days get to know one another again.
I really enjoyed the film. The actors played well together, the script was pretty funny and the direction decent. I didn't get some of the jokes, (however this may be a generational thing, as my mother laughed at all of them,) with the third act being somewhat predictable. But predictability may not be that bad when you have an ensemble as good as this one. I really enjoyed the relationship between Judd and his youngest brother Philip, played by Driver. They have the best two person scenes, remembering their father fondly. Olyphant is terrific with Fey, as once young lovers, torn apart by Olyphants car accident years before. Fonda and Stoll are both terrific, and I liked the cast of extra people around them. However there were quite a few things they left out of the book which were really funny and I wish they had left them in.


"This Is Where I Leave You," is a good family film, that is very heartfelt and funny. I'd give "This Is Where I leave You,"  a B+.

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