Monday, November 3, 2014


"FURY" stars Brad Pitt, Logan lerman, Shia Louboeuf, John berthanal, Michael Pena, and Jason Isaccs. Its a World War II movie directed and written by  David Ayer. (Writer and Director of "End Of The Watch", and writer of "Training Day"). Its a film that has a unique plot and has a great cast. It's also a World War II movie, we don't get to many of those. Director David Ayer is a guy who has made both good and bad movies. Now I do have some good news. "Fury" is great! Story here.

"Fury" is about how a soldier named Sergeant Wardaddy (Pitt) and his three men crew plus new recruit Norman (Leoubuf, Pena, Berthanal, and Lerman).  They go on a mission proposed by their Captain (Issacs) and travel across from town to town. On one mission when they become outnumbered, (300 to 5) They decide to take a last stand and fight to the end. Now this is one of the best war movies of all time and one of the best of the year. Its "Saving Private Ryan" mixed with "Full Metal Jacket." The performances are all great, the screenplay is fantastic, and the directing is superb. The story is good and so is the score.  The best part of the movie is the action and the sound of the action. Its edited so well that I can tell whats going on in the action. I love this freaking movie, if you wanna see a movie that leave with you at the end go see it. FULL PRICE!


"FURY" is the most intense and most awesome war movie of the year. I give Fury an A.

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