Saturday, November 15, 2014


Like it or not, films seem to be getting longer, and longer from the big directors. And clocking in at 2 hours and 50 minutes is Christopher Nolan's new film, "Interstellar." I know its length might make some people cringe but this is the man responsible for the "Dark Knight," trilogy, "Inception," and "Memento," so I had to give it a try.  Here's the story

Its the future, Earth is running out of food. We need to find more food. Cooper,(McConaughey) who was a pilot for NASA has become a farmer and is living quietly with his family.  One day, when a drone goes down on his farm, he finds it, and cracks its code, leading him to an under ground bunker where NASA is secretly still fully up and operational. Their big task? Figuring out other planets to inhabit when Earth is done.  There Cooper runs into Professor Brand, and old mentor played by Michael Caine. Brand reveals that with Coopers help, he could save generations to come, by Cooper and a team flying to other planets and checking on their sustainability for the earths population. As hard as it is to leave his children, he agrees to go because he knows it really is the only hope they all have of continuing to live.
Now I do like this movie alot, but it is my least favorite Nolan movie.  Dont get me wrong,  as I said earlier, this man made some incredible films so saying its my least is kinda like asking me what kind of steak do I like better. Its all steak, so its all good. But, sound choices get in the way of dialogue and you miss conversation that can make what your watching a little less confusing.  The acting is good with McConaughey and Hathaway, (Playing Professor Brands daughter and fellow astronaut) are terrific and Caine is great as always. Even little MacKenzie Foy, who was so creepy in the "Twilight, Breaking Dawn" films, is terrific as Coopers daughter Murphy, a girl who believes her father leaving is a curse she carries by being named after Murphy's law. Jonathan Nolan, who wrote the script, is a talented writer, but I think he forgets that his audience does not understand quantum physics.   BUT.... It was still a great ride. It did make me think, and I really enjoyed the special effects.  I would say next that it is defnately in the top ten of Space movies to come out in the last ten years at least.

Interstellar may not have the sound right at key moments and a slightly confusing screenplay,   but its a gorgeous movie with a intersting story and great acting. I give Interstellar an A-.

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