Saturday, November 8, 2014


How would you like to be Director Damian Chazelle? Your first movie becomes not only a critically aclaimed movie, but a movie with oscar buss and a movie thats one of the best films of the year. Thats right because Whiplash is so far the best movie of the year. It has nothing wrong with it. Its the very definition of a "Film." Whats the story, well lets see down below.

Whiplash stars Miles Tellar, Jk Simmons, and Paul Reiser. Its about how a young man named andrew wants to be the best drummer around and follows under the tutoring of the explosive Terrence Fletcher. The meanest and most successful conductor at the conservatory Andrew attends. His methods are insane, hes a nasty and awful and unsportive person. Andrews Journey is one that has you consantly afraid. Now this is a film that will leave with you at the end of the movie. Its a equally incredible/disturbing film. Its got an excellent screenplay and fantastic performances. Miles Teller is so good as Andrew. You can tell that he was trying to make his character a real person. And holy crap is JK Simmons scary in this. Everytime he shows up , you get scared and have no idea what hes going to do. Paul Reiser is probably the most happy person in this film. Every time hes on screen the movie becomes safe, But this film is so incredible that you wish it was wide release. Its amazing!

Director Damien Chazelle's directional debut has a fantastic screenplay and lands the best out of both teller and simmons. I give Whiplash an A.

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