Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Yes!!!!! Yes!!!!! This is how an action film should be, not clogged with unlimited CGI scenes. This is Terrific. Amazing.  Crazy and weird, but so good!! I loved the first two Mad Max's so when they said they were making a new one, and it was going to have George Miller at the helm, and Tom Hardy was going to star I got so pumped! He was BANE in "Dark Knight Rises," and he was easily one of the best villains in the trilogy, so I knew he would bring something good to this. But has the film lived up to all the hype and the 98% it got on Rotten Tomatoes? You bet your butt it did! Now here's the story.

Mad Max: Fury Road is basically a sequel. The worlds water is being hoarded by Emorten Joe, and evil scaly freak who has five wives, all young, and healthy and having babies. Its Joes hope he can get perfect children to repopulate his family, which are slowly dying off from a number of causes. (Mostly Cancer.) He is surrounded by an army of "War Boys," who do his bidding at any time. Enter Max, who tries to escape their clutches, (Which means he will become a slave,)  but instead is designated a universal donor blood bag, which means he has to give blood transfusions to tumor ridden War Boys. The War Boy he helps Nox, (Played by X-men First Class Nicolas Hoult) is sent to hunt down Furiosa, a driver for Joe who has helped Joe's wives escape certain slavery. The rest of the film is the journey they all take trying to defeat Joe's army. Who are filled with crazy psychos willing to do whatever it takes to make it to Valhalla.
 Now I love this movie... its crazy and its weird, But the acting and action is what kept me. Hardy, Theron, and Hoult all deliver first rate performances, and the crazy weird landscape coupled with incredible action sequences kept me interested from start to finish. Miller obviously loves this story, and if the next one is as good as this... he can keep telling it over and over again for all I care. 

Mad Max: Fury Road might be to crazy for some people but its acting and action is what keeps the movie going. I give Mad Max: Fury Road an A. 

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