Sunday, May 31, 2015


"Maggie," stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Abigail Breslin. This is Schwarzenegger's first independent film, and his first drama in a long time. Its Surprising trailer led me to an even more revealing movie. Here's the story.

"Maggie," takes place in an infected America. We don't know for sure initially that its a zombie infected America. We just know that those who are infected are sent to quarantine, where they are eventually killed. Enter a man named Wade, played by Schwarzenegger, who is trying to keep his daughter from being sent to the quarantine after she has been bitten. The daughter Maggie, is played by Abigail Breslin who was nominated for an Oscar for her part in the film, "Little Miss Sunshine." Wade sends his family away and spends as much time with Maggie as he can.  But he knows, he is running out of time, with few options that don't involve him losing her.  t

This is a very smart drama. It is not your typical action/Zombie film. This is one of Schwarzeneggers and Breslins best performances. The cinematography is great, the score,  the acting, the directing, all builds in intensity and keeps you engaged.  Most of all the writing, is fantastic. I wish it had been longer, and in some ways, wish it had not been so sad. But other then that... it was terrific.

"Maggie," is an good drama that has great performance's from its two leads,  its just sad, and too short. I give "Maggie,"  a solid  B+. 

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