Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Slow West Stars Kodi McPhee, Michael Fassbender, and Ben Mendelson. Its Michael Fassbenders 5th Independent film and his first western. I was surprised he was in it when I saw the trailer. And the movie? The movie was a bit of a surprise too. Here's the story.

Slow West is about a boy named Jay Cavendish ( McPhee) who is trying to find his girlfriend Rose in 19th century frontier America. Along the way he comes across a mercenary named Sylas                     (Fassbender) who goes along with him. A gang led by a man named Payne,(Mendelson) comes across them and the drama plays out with the reveal that Payne and Sylas have a past, and Payne wants to exact revenge.  The movie, while good, has a few issues. While,  the performances, Cinematography,  score, sound, directing,  editing, and a good portion of the script are decent, my complaint is, I was never super entertained. A dull midway point, and a strange ending left me feeling a little like , "Really? That's it?" So ultimately I was a little disappointed.

Slow West is a good western with excellent performances from its leads, but suffers from some writing deficits. I give Slow West a B +.

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